Annisa Djafar, Nurliani Nurliani, Mais Ilsan


This study aims to (1) analyze the relationship between sensory experience and customer satisfaction (2) analyze the relationship between affective experience and customer satisfaction (3) analyze the relationship between cognitive experience and customer satisfaction (4) analyze the relationship between physical experience and customer satisfaction (5) Analyze the relationship between social identity experiences and customer satisfaction. The population in this study were consumers of chocolate makalate, the sample selection in this study used a purposive sampling method, the number of samples was 60 consumers of chocolate makalate. This research took place in May-June 2019. The analytical methods used were scoring, validation, reliability and chi square. Based on the results of the study, it shows that there is a significant difference in sensory experience and physical experience variables with a value of 0,000 and 0,038 because the increase in the attractiveness of chocolate makalate products in sensory experiences and physical experiences can increase sales volume towards customer satisfaction and the affective experience, cognitive and social identity variables do not. get significant values, namely 0,253, 0,782 and 0,925 because the company does not create an image or reputation in the minds of consumers to be a differentiator from its competitors so that consumers are more interested and satisfied with the products provided by the company.


Chocolate; Customer Satisfaction; Experiential Marketing


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